Psy, the Musical Korean Sensation

Every once in a while you get an athlete or a music entertainer who is essentially a larger-than-universe type of personality. Either he or she is painstakingly eccentric, grotesquely flamboyant, or extremely enigmatic. While people like Dennis Rodman or Lady Gaga very much fit at least one of these descriptions (and i’ll leave it to you to decide who fits which description), the Korean rapper, Psy may fit the mold as well.

Psy, or Park Jae-Sang, is literally all the rave in Korea, and has been for a few years now. He has shattered the model of the Korean entertainer and has one-handedly propelled himself to globally notorious status. Why? Aside from his hilarious stage performances and cameo appearances in shows like X-man and Good Sunday, Psy has the record for most views and fastest acquired views for a Korean-pop Youtube video. Gangnam Style, as the infamous video is called, has been watched by more than 100 million people worldwide, and was viewed by 80 million people in a little over a month!

In the video we see Psy doing a goofy dance, which is a depiction of someone riding a horse like a cowboy. He even mimics how a cowboy would swing a rope. These antics are the reason why he appeared in the recent VMA’s this month. And, like his videos and performances, he certainly did not disappoint the viewing audience; he was as funny and humorous as ever.


Fast Forward Academy Brings Positive Results

I very much feared the idea of taking the enrolled agents, based on what I heard from friends who worked for the IRS before me. They told  me the timetable to take the test as well as the exam’s structure. So, in other words, I was in for a huge wake-up call. So rather than worrying about what my results would be, I looked on the internet to see if I could get an advantage.

The first website that popped up was to a company called Fast Forward Academy. One aspect of the academy that really caught my interest was that it’s taught by other enrolled agents who have taken the enrolled agent exam. They provide students with techniques and study strategies that will improve your chances of doing well. Also, the staff gives us study guides filled with tests that are very similar to how the actual assessment is constructed. So basically it was quite like taking an Enrolled Agent exam every time you were assigned a practice test. Because of this method I was easily able to pass the test and become, not only an agent, but also an employee of the academy.

I truly recommend those who are seeking to work for the IRS to sign up for Fast Forward Academy. It is a reliable resource that’s sure to bring you positive results.


October Baseball Right Around the Corner

Within only a matter of a few weeks the 2012 Major League Baseball season will close, opening the door for the playoffs to commence. While some of the usual teams are primed for another long playoff run (insert New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, and San Francisco Giants), there are new teams that have risen to the occasion as well (the Baltimore Orioles, and the Washington Nationals.) With a combination of mainstays and new teams, this shapes to be one fun-filled assortment of nifty double plays, diving-to-the-ground web gems, clutch hitting, and flaming fastballs. I know, you can’t contain your excitement.

For the first time in a decade and a half, the Baltimore Orioles are in contention for an October run in September. Of course they’re in the same division as the Yankees, which will make winning the American League East more than a daunting task, but it’s impressive to see the young team make it to this point. How about the National’s? Who would have thought they would have, in mid-September, the best record in the major league’s? As unfathomable as this might be, this is a testament to how talented and how driven the team really is (look at players like Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper for clarification.)

Traveling Abroad

If you ever need to get away from Chicago, there are a lot of places you can go- but I definitely recommend going abroad. Recently, I took a trip to Australia to visit some of my family that moved there, and I loved it! I was worried that traveling so far away would be difficult, and I was especially worried about making travel arrangements. Luckily I used a great website and traveling was much easier!

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Chicago Music Festivals: Lollapalooza

Chicago plays host to a number of great music festivals every year. Each of these festivals boasts a different style of music and draws a different crowd. One of the most popular music festivals held each year is Lollapalooza, which brings in alternative rock, metal, punk rock and hip hop music acts.

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The Deep Dish Pizza

Gino's East

Gino's East Pizzeria -- One of the best places for deep dish in Chicago.

Chicago is well-known for all sorts of things: architecture, art, music, parks, etc. But Chicago’s greatest invention has to be the deep-dish style of pizza. It’s not like pizza you’ll find anywhere else — two crusts around a gooey, thick, delicious layer of cheese. This pizza comes in slices, but not like those you get in New York; you just might end up needing a knife and fork to tackle all the heaping goodness in a deep-dish serving! Continue reading

Starting a Hospitality Business in Chicago

Chicago is famous for being a great town for opportunity and business. It’s one of the great venues for entrepreneurship, and if you’re planning on opening up a new restaurant or hotel in Chicago or the Chicagoland area, chances are you’re setting yourself up for success. Of course, there’s still a lot of work to be done; starting a new business or enterprise is extremely demanding,  and takes a lot to make your good idea a reality. Hard work and a little bit of luck will get you far, but it’s just as important to have the right knowledge and resources for your project.  Continue reading

Great Food in Chicago

The city at night -- or dinnertime.

Hey there restaurant lovers! If you didn’t know already,  Chicago is one of America’s best cities for food– No matter where you look, there’s an excellent restaurant or pub waiting to be found. So if you’re either visiting the Windy City on vacation or are a local in search of great cuisine, Chicago Clout Wiki is here to give you some pointers and suggestions on where to find grub you’re sure to love.  Continue reading

Art Museums – Out and About Chicago

The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

There are many cities around the world that are known for their rare and intriguing collections of artwork and paintings.  Aside from such places like Philadelphia or New York City, Chicago has some of the best art museums in the country.            Continue reading

Chicago- A City of History, Sports, and More.

Chicago Skyline

It’s more than just the ‘Windy City’, and much more than just an ordinary city on the water.  Chicago is home to more than 3 million people, in 77 district neighborhoods.  It is estimated that Chicago has 86 millions visitors annually. Continue reading